This week sure was interesting.  By the way, be awares of type-os.  
To start it off Fiona, decided that I should wear pants on our little 
expedition.  With all the short females around, she just had to makee her 
daughters pants grow to fit me.  Of course I'd just as soon not wear 
those ungodly things, but who knows what we might have encountered.
     When I asked Fiona where we were going  she gave me the kind of 
answer that makes you wish you didn't ask.  She said something about 
geometry with some other terms that I've never heard.  I guess I don't 
want to know.  I'll just go and fight if necessary,  Idon't need to know 
anything about location or geometry.
     Mok, for all his conceit can't even ride a horse.  Kids back home in 
my shadow can ride horses from the time they walk.  Oh well, it was an 
amusing sight.  
     After we went so far, we were all separated.  I was by myself in 
some land where men wore white dresses and there were stone buildings 
everywhere.  They seemed to view me as a godess.  I was never so aware 
of my height and hair before in my life.  Then I saw the pegasus.  It 
was so beautiful.  I met some guy named Jason with a golden bridle.  
When he decided that since he helped me he deserved a part of the 
pegasus, I could have pushed him off the flying horse.  But, after all, 
he was right, it was only fair.  I could have killed him but he did not 
deserving even though he was quite annoying.  I can't wait to find out 
where everyone else has been.  Fiona is very strange... She was crying 
over Brand, the evil one of the family(or so they tell me).  I'll go for 
now; everyone should be arriving soon. . .