You know, today has been a hell of a day.  Not only was I interupted in 
my herb-gathering by some man, Corwin, with quite an ego.  I come through 
some card and end up in some place called Foil.  My grandfather seems 
really interested in Father, but really confused by me.  I am very 
confused also.  Apparently I have to walk some pattern to gain the same 
legendary powers that grandfather used to save our lands.  And apparently 
my world is not a world at all.  It is just a shadow.  Does that mean 
that Grandma and mom were shadows?  This Amber place is very beautiful 
but it causes me many problems.  This new family of mine is not very 
peaceful or nice.  Everyone has been either nice or cordial, except the 
egistic Corwin, but they are not very nice towards each other.  I get the 
impression that many of them would gladly stab their brother or sister in 
the back with little provocation.  This troubles me.  I also feel very 
strange.  I tower over many of the people here, but Grandfather does have 
green hair so I guess I am not too out of place.  Apparently my 
Great-Grandfather is king around here.  Although he does not seem to have 
a secure hold on his crown.  I say apparently often because nothing is 
the same and I do not understand this new life I am about to begins.  I 
only know what appears to ME.  I have a really unusual feeling about all 
this.  It's a kinda happy, kinda sad thing.  I hope the Pattern will have 
some answers. . .