I had a kind of cruddy day.

	Started out okay.  I went out to buy something 'appropriate' to
wear for the coronation, and ran into my sister in the city.  We decided
on matching time periods, and the tailors stuffed me into a turn of the
century suit with matching top hat (the hat being the best part).  Me, I
can't figure out how people moved in those things.  I figured, as long as
I didn't move, I'd be fine.

	We ended up in the library in Amber afterwards, with nothing much
to do and nowhere really to be until the coronation.  Me, I worked on one
of my books, while Melanie played Trump Nasty and played with her cards. 
(Personally, I don't want to know what she was doing.) Eventually, Melanie
announced that we were going to attend some big meeting that we weren't
supposed to either know about or attend (I'm not sure which).  We got up,
and went.

	Basically, we got the tail end of a meeting that involved every
Amberite alive accept for us.  (So, I guess we're not Amberites.  I
dunno.) All I know is that we got there, Archimedes handed out
'assignments' as such, and left.  Ulysses got to be High Chancellor
(fixating the fact that, no longer is he my friend, but now he's my
superior), Melanie is some sort of an advisor, and well, hey.  Except for
Sylvie and a gaggle of babies, I'm the pretty much the youngest one
around, and hell, I shouldn't expect much.  But I wasn't happy to hear
that I was supposed to baby-sit the Pattern, which can baby-sit itself. 
But, I'm being good, so it doesn't matter if I disagree.  I just say
'Yessir' and hope that I'm left alone.

	Melanie is getting to know me a little too well.  I don't know if
this is good or bad.  But she knew I was unhappy, and this started a long,
drawn out conversation about all sorts of stuff.  Duty, not wanting to get
beaten (again) or get others hurt, love, terror, homosexuality, you name
it.  In the end, it ended up with Melanie deciding that I was going to get
my head shrunk, and telling Archimedes that I'm not so happy.  Me, I can't
tell him anything.  It was okay when we were just a brat pack, and
everyone was on equal footing.  Then it didn't matter much - you just had
to worry about Elders.  But now, everyone is walking around with the word
'authority' on their forehead, and something in my brain just goes off.  I
just, I don't know.  I've been well trained, I guess.

	We ended up back in the library, pretty much doing what we were
doing before.  Laughter came in, and asked us to make comments about her
dress for the coronation.  So we trooped back to her room, sat around, and
Melanie made appreciative comments.  Archimedes came in and sat down, and
I was pretty uncomfortable.  (Yeah, I've noticed that we've been demoted
from royalty to servants.  It's a problem I've decided to let Melanie deal
with.  One thing I've noticed is that now we're a bundle.)  Happily it was
over quickly, and I just kept my mouth shut and nodded when appropriate.

	We went to the coronation.  To tell the truth, I fell asleep
during the ceremony.  It was that exciting.  But everyone swore their
oaths to Archimedes, and now he's king.  *sigh* At least I don't have to
worry about peyote anymore.

	The big ball was afterwards.  I wasn't feeling well - probably the
pills.  But Melanie dragged me around anyway, and I ended up talking to a
bunch of people who kept nudging me, and saying things like: "I was loyal
to your father," and "We should talk later."  At least ONE of us is loyal
to Brand, I suppose.  It was loud and tiring, and since I'm not allowed to
drink, it pretty much sucked.  But it's over.

	Melanie ended up talking to Archimedes.  I don't know what was
said, but she came back telling me that I was 'on leave.'  I don't know if
this means that Archimedes is now pissed at me, or if I've let people down
AGAIN, or what.  I don't think I WANT to know.

	Afterwards, I packed a little bag, and Melanie and I went out to
the Golden Circle, and found a Shadow there that was more my style.  I'm
not sure of what to do next - I just got here.  I'll probably speed it up
some speed-wise so I can be left alone for a little while.

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