Now I'll get my revenge.

	The Hendrakes are very impressed by rules of engagement, honorable
combat, and trials of arms.  But they've also been known to use
intelligence data from time to time.  Being an honorable warrior doesn't
mean you can't choose to fight only on advantageous terms.

	My bid to gain control of the Amber underworld seems to be on
track.  If my experience holds true here, it should be possible to gain a
great deal of influence over waterfront dock operations, internal
shipping, and other "invisible" but necessary trades.

	Laughter has asked me to build her a spy ring.  I would be the
core of her intelligence service within Amber, keeping track of what goes
on.  Presumably, this would also include counter-intelligence, things like
keeping the spies out and preventing sabotage.

	So.  Eventually, I'll have all this in place.  And there will
again be war between Amber and Chaos.  I will contact the Hendrakes, and
the others, and show them my hand.  I will say, "I have influence here.  I
can give your spies freedom of action.  I can feed false intelligence.  I
can make it almost impossible to move troops in and out of Amber.  I can
be the difference between victory and defeat for you.

	"And for what you have done to me, I will not."

	And I will smile, and do my job, and laugh while Chaos burns.

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