I'm committed now.  The nice thing about infiltration is that
there's no going back.  Can't exactly tell Finndo and da boss that the
whole thing was a mistake, and I'd like to go home now.

	I do have a new ace, although it's unclear exactly how I can tuck
her up my sleeve.  Sand and I had a long and interesting discussion,
culminating in the usual exchange of courtesies.  I have the impression
that she might not be totally opposed to giving me a hand.

	Now, granted, just "a hand" isn't going to cut it.  She has to be
in the same Shadow, at least, or he might see her coming.  But she's
certainly a good sorceress, and combined with my own skills, she'd up the
odds quite a bit.

	That's all for the future.  What I need to do right now is earn
some trust and gather some information.  Eventually, Finndo will be
tempted to make me part of His Plan.  That's the time when I seriously go
to work.

	Right now, then, I don't really have any particular plan in mind. 
I actually caught myself thinking about trying to get out of this little
charade and pursue something more realistic.  But, let's face it - I've
been working up to this all my life.  Dominance, cruelty, and treachery
are my bread and butter.  I am where and who I am because I refuse to lose
- even if "winning" means that everyone else ends up in a really bad way.

	Besides, the reputation I get from making the kill should be

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