These Amberites are barbarians.  After days of being all but
ignored, Crown Prince Archimedes finally deigned to grant me an audience
(mind, I had to seek him out myself, if I hadn't, I'm sure I could have
grown old waiting to be summoned to him).  Well, he grants me an audience,
but doesn't bother to wear clothing!  At first, I thought that this might
be another of their bizarre customs, but I'm pretty sure it isn't.  Most
of the other Amberites that I've met have been wearing clothes (although
badly out of fashion).  Had even one so high as a prince given me such an
insult in Chaos, I would have struck him down on the spot!

	Then, their king returns (and after all the work I've done
preparing to rescue him!), but no one cares to inform the representatives
of Chaos, so that we might properly prepare our introduction...  No, I'm
caught completely unprepared at dinner, with no speech or gifts prepared. 
It quite ruined my appetite.

	The final insult was that the Lord Ambassadress so mistrusts me
that she sends her daughter as a spy.  No doubt even now the child is
telling her mother everything that occurred.  I can only hope that, in her
wisdom, the Princess will take into account the difficulty of the
conditions I am forced to work under when she evaluates my performance.

	I've come to fear that treating these Amberites as equals,
establishing this embassy here, is a grave mistake.  Of course, they may
not even realize the significance; more likely they believe that it is no
less than they are entitled to.  Still, I have no choice but to carry on
as best I can.

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