The Amberites have lost their king; I just know I'll be blamed for
this.  I arrive at their so-called castle expecting an appropriate
reception, befitting the first initiation of formal relations between
Chaos and Amber.  What do I find?  Nothing!  I wander through their cold,
dead halls for a quarter of an hour before it occurs to anyone that maybe
the Chaos Lord should have an escort.

	I'm finally met by the Princess Florimel, who in her best
bureaucratese tells me that both the King and the Crown Prince are just to
busy to see me.  Well, I'm about ready to call the whole thing off for
lack of interest when she lets it slip that the King is not just busy --
he's sort of missing.

	Evidently, this sort of thing happens all the time, since it's
nothing I should be concerned about.  Trying to salvage what I can from
the first day, I proceed to the next several items on my schedule --
meeting with the embassies of the several Golden Circle Shadows.

	Well, things get worse.  Not only has Amber's king disappeared,
he's apparently taken a large slice of Shadow with him, including the
entire kingdom of Kellynth.  Needless to say, their ambassador is somewhat
distraught.  At this point, it becomes clear that whatever is actually
going on concerns Chaos as well as Amber, so I approach Florimel once
more, demanding an explanation.

	After dinner and a show, it's obvious that the Amberites are
trying to conceal the full extent of this catastrophe from us.  I shall
find Prince Archimedes myself and insist upon a full accounting, before
this strange phenomenon threatens the Courts themselves.

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