Whom have I offended?  Now, they want me to be Ambassador to
Amber.  I can't picture a less promising career move - if the Amberites
don't kill me, then being that close to their damnable Pattern certainly
will.  And I don't even want to imagine what the food will be like.  I
wonder what strings Mandor had to pull to escape this fate?

	Who could hate me so much?  I suppose I can write off any
possibility of creating a power base for myself in the Council, now.  I'll
be too busy dodging assassins and fawning over their mewling brats to
accomplish anything.  Diplomacy sucks.

	The only positive thing to come from all this is that in Amber, I
may finally have the chance to meet Her.  It all seems to much to hope
for, that she'd even deign to notice me.  But even just to be near her, to
be able to watch her move, hear her speak.  It would be enough to make
this entire ordeal worthwhile.

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