So, they gave me the Council seat.  As long as they don't expect
me act like it's some great privilege.  Face it, none of the elders wanted
to reveal themselves further, and I'm a convenient, dispensable
compromise. Oh yes, I know what they say behind my back.  They think I'm
not aware of the episodes, but I am, mostly.  I know that the
Lozkjidgufvgrus hit me harder than most.  And after this much time, I
should have recovered.  Well, I may yet.  There have been others who had
the sickness longer, and still recovered.  A few.  And so they put me on
the Council.  If I don't get better, then it will make little difference
if I have a public identity.  But I will, and they'll regret tossing me
aside like some broken pottery.

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