"Tell us how Dworkin got into your head, Uncle Mok!!"

	"Ahhhh, that was such a long time ago...  Okay, I'll tell the tale
for you all.  Lessee...  Oh yeah!  That was back when we were trying to
find out what was causing all the problems with our powers.  Yasee, back
then, the various magical styles had varying degrees of power depending on
where you were in Shadow.  Being a sorcerer taught by the Fae, my magic
was pretty strong in low-tech worlds where dharmaquatic magick was
traditionally practiced, and-"

	"HUH?!  Whaddya mean, Uncle Mok?  I thought all magick was the
same!  What's all this Drama-quixic mumbo-jumbo?"

	"I was getting to that, Shibuku.  See, it used to be that way.
It's not now.  All this junk happened when the former system was changing
to the present.  Somehow, we managed to figure it out.  The change caused
a dramatic loss in magickal power while the Universe got used to the new
working mode.  At the time, we didn't even know who was responsible for
it, and our Pattern powers were flippin' out too.  That's why we needed to
go find Dworkin; only he knew how to get to the Plane of Trump, where we
could solve all our problems-"

	"HUH?!  Whaddya mean, Plane of Trump?  How can there be an entire
plane made by drawings, Uncle Mok?"

	"You must chill, Shibuku.  At the time all this was happening, I
didn't think there could be a Plane of Trump either, but there is.  One
day, maybe your mind will be able to comprehend its existence.  For now,
just trust me, it's there.  Anyhow, I was with Archimedes, Killian, and
Ulysses when we came upon the wall where Dworkin was hanging out.  Ulysses
drew him into his body, but Dworkster needed someone with a body that had
my kinda powers, and at that time I didn't know what a psycho hose-beast
he was, so I let him join me in my slick bod.  Heh.  Lucky for Ulysses
that Dworkin got inside my head before he found out that the Unicorn and
Ulysses had gotten horizontal-"

	"WHAT?!?!  Come on, Uncle Mok, you can't expect us to believe that
any sane person would...would DO IT with a horse, even if it is the symbol
of our family!!"

	"Look, kiddo, if you think either Dworky or U-boy are sane, then
you better think again.  Now shaddup and lissen to my story.  So here I am
with Dworkster in my head, talking all crazy, when they get this bright
idea to try a Pattern teleport back to Amber.  This is where my memory
gets a little fuzzy...  Ya see, the Pattern was fluctuating, so it's lucky
we weren't annihilated or thrown off into some extremely dangerous Shadow

	"HUH?!  It's the Pattern!!  How could it fluctuate?  It's rigid by

	"Look, ya little schnocker, did I design the Universe?  Did I
decide there was going to be a plane of Trump?  Did I do it with a
Unicorn?  No.  I'm just reflecting on what happened.  All you kids go
inside and wash up.  It's almost dinner time, and I'm getting tired of
thinking about this, anyhow.  And Shibuku, one more question, and I'll
turn your shirt into an icicle.  Now shoo!"

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