I'd better make this quick.  I'm just about to 'spar' with
Killian, so there's really no guarantee this mental note will get any
farther than the now, but so be it.  I have a bad feeling that wherever
Killian comes from, they spar a bit differently there.  I think I'll try a
few tricks, just to see exactly what his abilities are.  I'm not sure if
I'll be able to best him, since he's definitely stronger and quicker. 
I'll have to hope I'm smarter.  Heh.

	Anyhow, it turns out that Aunt Fiona and Uncle Benedict both went
to find out what all the hullabaloo about Trump was, and somehow got
themselves trapped.  No one knows just where they are, or who is holding
them, or even if they are alive.  Bleys is also stuck in some kind of
magical trap here in the castle.  Killian and I were just about to head
off to try to rescue Aunt Fi when the news about Benedict came in.  Right
now, we're waiting for the decision from the older Amberites as to the
wisest course of action.  Why do I get the feeling the answer might be
something like, "Stay in the castle, where it's safe"?  Just a feeling, I
guess.  Surely, we have to do something.  Well, OK, WE don't have to do
anything.  But if I make it out of this sparring match, you can bet your
sweet booty I'M going to do something.  Despite our early differences, I
think Killian and I will make a pretty good team.  That is, if we both are
around after our match!  Uh-oh...he's got that smug, cocky-ass grin on his
face, and a spear in his hands.  Guess it's showtime...

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