I'm writing this just before heading back off to Amber.  It's been
a few weeks since the battle we had in Chaos.  I took about 500 pilots
along with me.  About 150 died.  We held funeral services for them, and I
spoke.  I talked about how valiantly they gave their lives for the
protection of the Universe.  The only problem is, I can't help feeling my
words were hollow.  What did we accomplish?  The clones and the big demon
got away, and we got our butts kicked for nothing.  I've spent a few weeks
with my family and friends here in Gaia, trying to reconcile it with them. 
In actuality, I'm the only one with the problem.  How many tears did I
cry?  A thousand?  Ten thousand?  I suppose it doesn't matter.  They're
dead, and nothing I can do can change that now.  It's time to stop
brooding.  I'm going back to find out how bad things are, and fix them. 
For the memory of my friends, I'll make sure life in Gaia goes on
undisturbed... or I'll die trying.  I just don't know quite how to go
about it.  I've got to learn all I can, and beat the rest of the pyuks at
their own game.  Watch out, Chaos.  Watch out, Finndo.  Mok's pissed...

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