Things just became a lot more serious.

	How, you ask?  Well, my Dear Diary, lemme spew it all out for ya.

	We're going to go to Chaos to save the Big Machine, if all goes
well.  The main problem is that a lot of resistance is expected from the
huge slobbering hordes of 'demons' that await us on the way to where it is
that we have to go.  Halybard or some such place.  Right.  So, I offer the
help of the Royal Mecha Corps.  I mean, they're only foot soldiers right? 
The RMC should clean up.  But then, the Mecha might cease to function in
Chaos.  This would highly suck.  And my friends would die, and there would
be no way to help them.

	No.  I can't let that happen.

	I'm the one with the gifts.  I'm the protector.  It's up to me. 
The other Amberites are going to help (hopefully), so I don't need the
RMC.  Their place is in Gaia, protecting it from harm.  My place is in the
Big Universe, making sure nothing goes wrong that would destroy all the
little places like Gaia and Earth.  Man, this sucks.  But it's what I've
got to do.  For Elle, for Flit, for the Raging Floob, for all the good
times and good feelings I left behind...  I'll stop at nothing.

	Right.  Got an idea though.  Just me and maybe Rope oughta go.  I
think that living things don't change too much over shadow-crossing, so we
oughta be able to use those funkified Biomecha that Doc Okk had the
techies think up after the scout invasion.  Man, that'll be kinda weird. 
I mean, they are actually alive!  It's like hopping into a Wallaby's pouch
and controlling the thing!  Plus I heard you gotta wear only speedos for
the NO-Control to work right, so I'll be all cuddly with a bunch of mucous
membranes and stuff!!  I know I won't be able to feel it when the link is
up, but still!!  Yech.  What am I sayin?!  Buck up, young Mok!  It's life
or mucous membranes.  I think we know what I'll choose.

	Okay, so enough planning.  What've I been up to lately...  Oh
yeah!  Archimedes and Laughter got married!  Man, talk about weird.  It
was in Rebma, which is underwater.  Me and Sandr went out to get me an
outfit.  He says, "You know, just wear whatever you would at the beach or
pool, man."  So natch, I grab some Frooty-Jams (TM)!  Well, needless to
say, I was WAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaay out of fashion-mode.  Heh.  Guess that'll
hafta be my trademark.  So anyhow, the wedding was nice, and I didn't
drown!  Bonus, ne?  And I got to dance with Sky-chan twice!  Sheesh,
sombody's gotta tell them Rebmites about puberty and hormones and stuff. 
After all, I may be Mok, Inter-Galactic Hero, but alas, I am but a man! 
Good thing Sky was wearing something a bit more concealing, or all my
chances at being human would have been out the window.  Wait!  Geez, what
is with me?  I also decided that it is way too odd for me and Sky to ever
have anything going.  I mean, I know it's kinda distant, but we're still
related!  Sandr sez no probs, it's what Amber-folk do (inbreed, that is). 
Fortunately, I ain't Amber-folk.  It's just like the thing with Elle.  I
mean, I love her totally and completely, and I'd do anything for her, but
she's a Sprite, and both Gainax and the physical properties of reality
make me and her kinda a long-shot.  Woops!  Thinking with that secondary
brain again!  Gotta stop that.  Time to become a man, for real.  Awright,
big D, stand back and bear witness!  From now on, I Mok shall become
Master of my hormones!  I shall think only with the Primary Cerebral Core! 
I shall feel only emotions, not physical urges!  After all, look what it
gets everybody else into, ne?  *grin*  And I'm sure I can find plenty o'
fun trouble without making my life into a horribly bad soap where I'm the
cheesy, stereotypical, swashbuckling, maiden-bedding hero type.




	Okay, I think I have blabbed about enough.  So dude!  I catch ya
after Chaos falls to... check that, I'll see you after we secure reality
from further harm.  Wish me luck, and most of all, Earthmother keep me
from letting anything happen to Rope if she decides she wants to come. 

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