I had expected to remain angry with Kaedric longer than this. 
Still, when a man apologizes for his actions towards you, asks how he can
make it up to you, and then offers to answer any questions you may ask... 
Well, it went a long way towards softening my attitude towards him, you
may be sure.  In the end, I cannot say that I regret the marriage.  I
certainly do not anticipate any difficulties in getting used to the
deference paid to my new rank.  It is interesting to think that there are
no more than five people in the universe who outrank me.  I even outrank
Father.  Yes, I could definitely get used to this.

	I must admit, I rather like the way Kaedricways turned out.  He
obviously designed them with me in mind.  Amazing.  The staff seem
adequate thus far, although I still think it is rather early to be
concerned about a midwife.  The baby shall not be born for quite some
time, yet, and I do not see what purpose she will serve until that point. 
Pity she cannot carry the thing.  I know Kaedric wants this child, and I
suppose I understand why, given what happened to his last two sons, but I
cannot say I am looking forward to its arrival.  Still, I may as well
discharge my duty of providing him with an heir now.  My lack of maternal
instincts are irrelevant, after all.  Mother had no maternal instincts
that I am aware of, and I survived just fine.  Of course, I feel no
particular loyalty towards her, either.

	Caitlin has managed to defeat Cymnea, and is doing what Laughter
never could be bothered to do, namely take on Cymnea's positions.  I will
shed no tears for Cymnea's death, you may be certain.  She was Father's
downfall in the last time-line, and I had no intention of allowing her the
opportunity to repeat her actions this time around.  Fortunately, there
was no need to manipulate a confrontation between Cymnea and Caitlin.  How
nice of them to take care of that themselves.  Less pleasing was Orrin's
presence in Halybardways.  It would seem that he aided Caitlin in some
fashion.  This seems rather strange, given their past relationship.  Were
it someone other than Caitlin, I would suspect that she was just using him
to get the position, and was planning to eliminate him when his usefulness
ended, but...  Caitlin is far too honest for such a clever ploy.  It will
be her downfall, if she is not careful.

	It remains to be seen how Maron will react to Cymnea's death.  She
was his mother, after all.  On the other hand, I do not recall him being
terribly upset over her death the last time.  Of course, she did betray
him in the end, which doubtless helped ease any pangs he may have felt
over his demise.  I wonder if he will remain with Halybard, or strike out
on his own?  Maron can be difficult to predict, sometimes.

	Even with the resolution to the Cymnea problem, there remains much
for me to work on.  I need to familiarize myself with the appropriate
protocol for this position, as well as the power that accompanies it.  And
there are several projects I need to devote some attention to, now that
the wedding is out of the way.  Cymnea was not my only unfinished
business, after all.  Hmmm, which one to begin with?

	We leave for our honeymoon today.  I honestly do not know what to
expect.  Kaedric wished to surprise me, so I left the matter entirely in
his hands.  I hope I will not regret that.  I must admit, there is
something thrilling about venturing into something so entirely unknown as
this.  It is far too dangerous a thing to do, under normal circumstances. 
Father always drilled into my head the importance of careful planning, of
never taking a step without knowing precisely what you were facing.  But,
in this situation, I am making an exception.  I do not think I will be

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