The night was most unpleasant.  It would seem that the return of
Father to my life has resulted in his return to my nightmares as well. 
They remain as unvaried as before, but no less disagreeable for that.  The
dawn continued the miserable tone set by the night, as I discovered the
inoperability of time magic.  Damn Dworkin and his meddling!  Why did he
alter that, of all things?  It probably should not upset me as much as it
does, but for it being one more miserable happening in a string of them,
of late.  Kaedric did not help matters at all, of course.  I still do not
know quite how to deal with his current condition.  There are times when
his constant presence can be rather annoying.  I have always valued my
privacy, and I shall have none while he remains this way.  I do hope he
regains his body soon.  Now that the spell is in place, all we can do is

	The laying of the spell did result in the high point of my day,
thus far.  To think that Kaedric did not change the code to his room, even
after things ended so badly between him and Abigail.  How foolish of him. 
But not nearly as foolish as Abigail, to think such a paltry love charm
would succeed.  She obviously has little respect for his capabilities.  I
found the whole thing rather more amusing than Kaedric did, I dare say.

	I do not think I care much for Ivory.  Of course, my attitude is
no doubt colored by my discussion with Kaedric.  Why is he so unwilling to
share his suspicions on the origins of that strange message?  If he did
not send it, who did?  Perhaps I will better understand how Kaedric was
able to do what he did once I learn the flavor of magic they use here. 
This assumes, of course, that I will be able to convince this Ran
Cormallon to let me into his house.  Based on what Kaedric has told me, I
do not think this will be too difficult, though.  It will be nice to
belong to a house again, even if it is only a house in Shadow.  In all my
life, I have never really felt like I belonged anywhere.  Except, perhaps
in Amber, towards the end.  But that place and time no longer exists, so I
am on my own, once more.  As I should be.

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