The Hendrake Pattern's destruction has precipitated my plans for
Balin, but perhaps it is for the best.  He will be far more useful now
that he knows his heritage, and I have obtained quite an advantage in
saving his life.  I am sure Amber is going to be a bit of an adjustment
for him, but I am more than willing to help him get acclimated.  Perhaps I
will take him as a lover.  Even Father could not begrudge me this, under
the circumstances.  It would be an effective means of controlling Balin,
and Father always was machiavellian about such things.  It should not be
too difficult to achieve - Balin appears to be attracted to me.  And he is
rather handsome.  He looks much like his father, but without that ever-
present scowl.  I think I am going to enjoy this.

	It will be interesting to see how Archimedes reacts to this.  I am
surprised that he does not understand why I choose to assist Amber.  I
will admit, when I first arrived here, I came mostly out of curiosity to
see the relatives that Father had described to me.  And I needed someplace
to get caught up on events in this universe, since Father's was forever
lost to me.  And now...  Where else does he think I would go?  Shadow? 
Far too easy.  Shadow is nice as a vacation spot, but all things of
importance happen at the poles of reality.  And of those poles, Amber is
where I have the most power.  Chaos is engaged in a civil war, one which I
have no desire to get involved in.  I cannot access four of the remaining
new universes.  And my ties to Atherton extend through Mother, whose
affiliation with the house is tenuous at best.  But in Amber, I am owed
many favors by the King himself.  What better place for me to be?

	Being in Amber has already had the useful affect of bonding Sandr
to me.  It is really quite pathetic.  He was afraid to turn down
Archimedes' request of him, because he thought they would hurt me.  He
said he is willing to die for me.  How touching.  And how unbelievably
stupid.  But it is the result I had been hoping for.  Now I simply need to
rid him of the notion of obedience to anyone but me.  We shall see if his
time in Shadow results in any improvement in this regard.

	The only thorn that remains is Ulysses - he has far too much power
right now.  But, I believe I have a means of countering this, one that
will further my plans as well.  In a way, I will be doing him a favor.  He
does not seem at all happy about what he has become.  So, I will grant him
his desire to be normal again, and take the power he has rejected for
myself.  The only difficulty will be obtaining his blood, but I believe I
know a way...

	And then there is my dear brother Maron.  I want this problem with
Laughter resolved.  It is affecting him far too much, and I would prefer to
see the brother I knew of old again.  Plus, as long as Maron remains a
threat, it is a strike against me in Amber, especially with Archimedes. 
While I doubt he will ever trust me unless I swear undying loyalty to him,
I would rather there were less obvious reasons for his fears than my
affiliation with the man who wants to kidnap his wife.  But there may be a
way to settle this so that all parties are satisfied.  If I succeed,
everyone comes out ahead, and I will be owed yet another favor by
Archimedes, as well as one by Maron and Laughter.  The only problem lies
in locating the object I desire.  I believe this matter will have to take

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