Perhaps I should have assisted Sylvie in watching Mother.  No,
there were too many other tasks that required my attention.  Still, this
is most upsetting.  Mother managed to wake Father up and set him free,
while she was roaming Shadow in the throes of Logrus madness.  The timing
could not be worse.  I do not know what to expect from him in his current
state.  At least in the past, I knew what not to do or say around him.  If
he is anything like he was after he took the Logrus, the best thing is to
stay as far out of his way as possible.  Assuming I have that option.  The
last thing I want to do is speak to him right now.  Who knows what he
might ask of me?

	It seems ironic that, not long ago, I wondered if I would have
done the same as Maron if I had an eye, and now I find myself with one. 
What to do?  My first impulse is to draw my own Pattern.  I will never
have a better chance.  But drawing another Pattern would only hasten the
end of everything.  No, it would be wiser to wait until most of the other
Patterns have been destroyed.  And now, with the eye, I have the means to
do it.  So, at what price do I offer this means to Amber?  In a way, I
would rather have bathed in Maron's fountain.  The universal repercussions
would be far fewer.  And I would have a much better idea of how to handle
this.  Well, I will have my own fountain soon enough.  And perhaps my own
universe as well.

	Ulysses is a living Trump.  This is ridiculous!  First Maron, now
Ulysses...  Is every relative of mine going to obtain this ability before
I do?  Worse, it appears that I am related to Ulysses on both sides of my
family.  He is an Atherton.  At least I believe so.  He bears a rather
strong resemblance to their Head of House.  Who Mother seemed on decent
enough terms with, so I guess they have reconciled.  And he reacted rather
poorly to my insinuation.  Repulsive though the thought may be of our
sharing the same house, I take some pleasure in the knowledge that this
must be far more repugnant for him.  He is always been so outspoken
against us, and now he is one of us.  The irony is delicious.

	I knew I wouldn't be able to avoid the coronation.  It was a
foregone conclusion that they would track me down, unless I opted to hide
in the Atherton universe until it was over.  Not bloody likely.  No
matter.  I have worked out an equitable agreement with Archimedes, and
informed him of the object in my possession.  Which leaves me free to
attend the reception.  There should be quite a turnout for the crowning of
the King of Amber.  Who knows what I might learn?

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