The only good things that happened today were the meals I took 
with my cousin Archimedes, but even that ended sourly.  Even if he isn't 
married, he wears a wedding band.  I would say that means *some*thing.  I 
guess I'm not as much of a heathen as the old priest in the village was 
wont to believe.  If I had spent more time in the groves, perhaps I 
wouldn't care for the sacredness of a Catholic sacrament, but I've always 
been a little awed by the power of the Christian religion.  Of course, 
the power of a desert god is going to be a lot less on a rainy cold 
island like Erin, but the cathedral in Dublin did make me feel 
something.  And apparently, this something is enough.  Because I will not 
knowingly break one of the commandments.  Yes, I did find a confessor 
after the war.  I wonder about myself, sometimes...  I think tomorrow 
will not come too soon...  I promised Sequence I would find a war.
	Sandr is being insufferable yet again.  I know he's hurting, but 
he got himself into trouble again, so I have lots less sympathy.  I don't 
know what he wants from me; he seems to be so unhappy, but he doesn't 
ever want to talk.  Or rather, he wants to talk, but not about anything 
we have in common, which makes for rather long silences.  Ulysses tries 
to keep him in line, but what does this do?  Supresses his natural 
instinct to be bitter, that's what it does.  Granted, no one wants to be 
around Sandr when he's being foul-mouthed and annoying, but it doesn't 
change a whole lot when he's sitting there in embarrassed and resentful 
silence.  Sure, he looks like a sad little puppy, but he's got a 
bothersome yap and sharp little teeth...  Oh, well, I'm not going to 
worry about him anymore, either.
	And then there's my mother, whom I haven't seen, and Jubal, who 
trumped me to bring him in from wherever he was.  I wouldn't say there's 
much trust there, but there's enough that he asks me to help him, 
sometimes, which is... odd.  He's a mystery to us, still.  But at least 
he cares about his mother.  I think. Who actually knows?  Even Archimedes 
seems to have very little knowledge of him.
	I'm getting a headache.  And I think I'm having cramps.  I don't 
know why I'm getting cramps, but I'm probably not eating right.  I think 
I have some calcium supplements around here somewhere.  I'd best avail 
myself of them, since I'm hell-riding in the morning to a battle.  
Sequence is antsy for some action, and frankly, so am I.