Spirits, I do not know how much longer I can deal with these
people.  While I wish to determine my place in the world, and ensure the
safety of my people and my world, my estimation of these people continues
to fall.  Archimedes was replaced, briefly, with a shadow version of
himself, who we consequently killed on the Pattern.  The real Archimedes
keeps losing his memory, attacking me once, and leaving me out on the sea
another time.  While I do not wish to kill him, I am becoming less and
less tolerant of him.  It does not help that the people who are able to
help him do not wish to, or are gone somewhere themselves.

	I think, perhaps, it is time to find Assyssla, and Cordelia.  If I
remove myself somewhat from Amber, perhaps I can avoid dealing with those
Amberites of my generation.  Dealing with, talking to, the Elders is much
better.  If I limit my contact to them, perhaps I may still accomplish my
goals without hurting or killing anyone else in Amber.

	Perhaps, too, I should find Dakota again.  He seems to have
inherited little from his father.  His company may also help keep me sane
while continuing to deal with Amberites.

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