I have been lost, Great Spirits.  I let the glitter, and the
facade of power, glory, and honor draw me away from that which I am.  No
longer.  I have seen the pitfalls of following the false guide.  No
longer.  I have returned, once more, to myself, to that which I am.  Never
again will I allow myself to be misled by the false glitter of Amber.

	Now I must find Cordelia again.  I am cut off from using Trump to
go to her, and walking Shadow is difficult.  Even the hounds were misled. 
I think I must try, once more.  The only other alternative is walking the
Pattern, or waiting.  Both of these I find unacceptable.

	Perhaps I will take this Mok with me, get him away from Amber
while he still has a chance.  By returning him to his home, I may stop him
from becoming like the others.  He may even prove to be a warrior, given
time to gain wisdom.  He speaks overly much now, but should learn to avoid
that once he becomes a seasoned warrior.  I think, though, that he is not
as strong as I am used to, and perhaps requires a gentler touch.  Maybe
Cordelia will have an idea of what to do.

	Ragnar, at least, is amusing.  He hunts at night, thinking himself
a dark predator.  Truly, he has some small skill, but not nearly equal to
what he seems to think.  In truth, he is easy prey to the true creatures
of the dark.  He, at least, could be entertaining company on the hunt, at
worst useful for bait to bring out the more dangerous predators.

	Time for that later, though.  Now I must go to Cordelia, and make
sure she came to Assyssla without troubles.  With the bizarre behavior of
Shadow of late, I fear for her safety.

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