This ceremony they do - this wedding - is mildly interesting, I
suppose.  It seems, though, to put into words what should be obvious to
even the most slow-witted of people.  Are these Amberites so decadent and
weak that the commitment of life-mates must be made publicly?  Must the
relatives know of the specific vows made, that they can enforce them, and
punish violations thereof?  Or must all others be informed that the two
are joined, and thus unavailable for others?  Perhaps it is merely a
matter of pride.  Mayhap the mates would strut before their friends and
relatives, displaying the prize they have.  I can see this as valid
reasoning for Claudio, but one would think Sky would have held the
ceremony in some lightless cell, if those reasons held true.  Truly, I do
not understand this, among other things.

	I thought, too, that I had grasped this concept of "money."  Now I
am unsure, again.

	Enjoyment can be found in odd places, it seems.  Cordelia brought
some Rebman fool to this wedding.  Intimidating him is so easy as to be
trivial, yet I still find it a pleasant thing to do.  I am unsure why I
get such enjoyment from this.  Usually, things so simple are routine and
boring.  Perhaps I will be granted the time to experiment with this.  I
must find out the fool's name, that I can locate him once I return to

	I have met one claiming to be my brother, another son of Corwin. 
He is an odd one.  I saw him create a pillow from nowhere, when his
laughing threatened to disrupt this ceremony.  He seems a decent sort,
although I will reserve judgment until...if...I get the chance to learn
more of him.  I must say, though, that Merlin is somewhat different from
the one I met in Shadow.  I would hope I would have a somewhat more
difficult time killing this one.

	Corwin, too, may be different than I thought.  Useful, at the
least.  I think he can ensure that Cordelia gets to her University, after
all is done.  The elders, I think, would be good to speak to.  Learning
from them what the other Amberites are like would give me enough
information to make accurate judgments, I think.  Though I still have a
hard time believing that Corwin is all he is said to be, it also seems
unlikely that so many would respect him if he was truly nothing.

	Somehow, I have become involved in a fight with Gerard.  He is
strong, very strong.  Incredibly strong.  This was proven to me, without
any possibility of doubt.  Should tomorrow see me able to make the bout,
it should prove entertaining, at the least.

	None of this will matter soon, though.  This is, I think, a time
to bring things to a head.  All are present, or so it seems, and those
capable of what I require will be swayed.  I think Archimedes may object,
but then I plan to take matters entirely out of his hands.  He need not
even know, until all is accomplished.

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