I am, I think, being courted by two sisters.  My...tutor...first
told me that the flowers left for me by her sister were just that - a
Rebman woman's misguided attempt at courtship.  Soon afterward, she
herself brought to me a magic spell, creating for me air, and dinner, from
the surface world.  I had not realized how good it was to merely hear an
echo.  I do not know if she realizes how much she brought me, in the spell
and food.  I suspect she does, as she also brought me a Rebman book, all
about how to please a woman.  I still must be cautious, though, as I still
do not understand this culture enough to be sure.

	I think, as an immediate answer to my confusion, I will hunt.  I
have a new spear, and a length of rope, and I think I will see what manner
of beasts reside here that may challenge me.  I may not gain new
understanding of my situation from the hunt, but it will at least ease my
mind.  The violence of once more killing...ANYTHING...will feel good.

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