Long ago, or so it seems, I was happy, living in the Wilde,
hunting with the Pack, and keeping my people safe.  My life was simple,
and all the better for it.  I was a god, the ONLY god, well able to
protect my land and my people.

	That has all changed.  This Bleys, one who claims to be an uncle
of mine, came to my Realm, my Shadow, as they call it, and Trumped me
away.  He took me to meet Corwin, who calls me his son.  Corwin introduced
me to Amber, and told me of the Patternfall, glorifying his part in that
holocaust, and explaining to me many things in the process.  He then left
me to my own devices for a time, during which I wandered the Shadows of
his Pattern with the Pack.  This, too, was a good existence, though the
knowledge gathered during this time was not particularly pleasing.

	Since then I have attacked the castle of he who calls himself my
father, stolen the granddaughter of the First among the Amberite Gods, and
been lost in the place called the Strangeways.  An eventful existence, of
a surety.  But not one destined to last long.

	Now I am in Rebma, a glittering jewel lost beneath the waves. 
This is the last of three trials set forth by the Guide.  They are meant
somehow to prove that I am worthy of life.  As I was defeated by the one
named Dakota, I therefore failed the first of the trials.  The second
trial was trivial, merely walking a Pattern of Fire.  Though it is not
something I wish to accomplish again, it was bearable.  What was strangest
was the scene afterwards.  I saw something when walking the Fire Pattern,
and transported to it when I finished walking the Pattern.  I thought it
was that which watched me as I walked.  But it was not.  It was merely a
room that contained the lifeless bodies of a number of the Amberite Gods,
and some I know not.

	This last trial is the strangest, by far.  They have put me in
Rebma under the sea and set to me to win the "favor," whatever that may
be, of one of the fair denizens of this place.  This will be somewhat
easier when I have determined just what this thing is that I must win. 
Having seen the men of this realm, though, I cannot imagine that winning
anything from them will be overly difficult.  The most difficult part of
this trial, at least thus far, was learning to breath and live underneath
the ocean, surrounded completely by water.

	I do not know why they have placed me here, though.  Their
greatest anger, or so it seemed, was from the death of the guards they
placed before the Pattern room in Amber.  Why would they chance the death
of the denizens of this place, to finish a challenge already decided?  The
denizens here are less able to defend themselves than those of Amber. 
They must know I realize my fate.  Why then would they place me here,
knowing that I have nothing to lose?  Strange, these Amberite Gods. 
Strange indeed.

	There is one thing that I will accomplish before I die.  I will
kill the dark one, who hides behind his sorcery.  How, I do not know, but
kill him I will.  He does not deserve to be the wife of the one called
Sky.  She is too much for him, though I doubt either of them will
understand that before his death.

	If I somehow do live through this, I will return here, Rebma, and
show you how vulnerable you truly are.  Of this you can be certain.  The
living is the uncertainty.

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