The tests continue.  I face them steadfastly, but care little as
to the outcome.  I failed the first test when Dakota defeated me.  I know
not why the Guide continues this.  Perhaps my success, or failure, at this
last will determine my method of dying.  It matters little, all things
considered.  The fashion of my death is inconsequential.  I will still be

	Of course, I may yet die while here, in this place under the sea. 
Rebma, they called it.  Ruled by women, or so the Guide tells me.  I once
would have called that a sign of the weakness of the men.  I think,
though, that the women here are strong in other ways.  Sky resembles those
of this realm, and she has strange magics at her control.  If all women
here are like her, then perhaps the men are not as weak as I first
thought.  That could also be the case with the Guide.  He came from here,
I think.  Being forced into subservience to women could indeed have made
him weak.

	I think now I regret killing the men when taking Sky.  Of the
Gods, some at least are strong.  There must be some reason the Spirits
chose this Archimedes as the Guide.  Perhaps in time I will discover what
it is.  The one called Dakota, too, is worthy of respect.  The Guide was
most upset that I killed men in Godshome after he asked that I not.

	This time, though, I have given oath.  They are safe, at least
while in Amber.  That is, until the day they mean to kill me.  I will not
be led like a lamb to slaughter.  One way or another, I will not go alone
into the final rest.  Some of those that seek my death will slick my path
to darkness with their blood.  This I swear.

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