I have been cast into the den of iniquity.  My sins against the
Spirits were severe indeed, to warrant such a fate.  Yet I know not what
it was I did, to cause the Great Ancestors to desert me so.  Now I am cast
out, to make my own way amongst these decadent, decaying beings.  Even the
Pack has left me, solid proof that I am alone now.

	The Guide has left me alive, for now.  Why, I do not know, though
he seems to have put upon me some sorcery.  Try as I might, I cannot even
imagine doing him harm, much less make an actual attempt.  Why he has
ensorceled me thus, I cannot fathom.  I can only wait.  The time will come
when I understand his intention.  With that knowledge, I will act as seems

	In one thing only is this good.  While I cannot sate my rage
against the denizens of this place, the reverse seems also true.  The
Guide sees fit to keep his subjects from doing me harm, though my very
existence, it seems, drives them to anger.  The dark one is angered, but
unable to even make the attempt that would prove him more than the coward
and weakling I see him as, even as it ended his life.  In this I find some
small satisfaction, that my life annoys him so, yet he is powerless to do
anything to end it.

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