Spirits of my People!  I have looked for a sign that you had sent
me the wisdom I seek, and you have sent it to me.  For this I thank you,
and will return, bringing thanks and gifts.  It took the words of a Demon,
one sent in appeasement from those of Chaos to Godshome, to reveal to me
the truth of your signs, which I had lost before.  I am shamed that this
was so.  Even though I am far from your power, and immersed in much that
is strange and confusing, yet my understanding of your message was
incomplete, and slow in coming.  This is why, Oh Spirits, I return.  I
have been away from my people for too long, and will return once more,
briefly.  Then I must again visit Godshome, and bring from there the
tribute you are due.  This, too, will secure my place amongst them, these
Gods, showing them my strength, and claiming my place amongst their ranks.

	I go now, Great Spirits, to make preparations.

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