Listen, oh Great Spirits, to my tale.

	Long ago, in The Wilde, I learned that I was the son of a god, and
one in my own right, sent to rule over the realm.  Many seasons passed,
and I began to become convinced that I was the only god, perhaps the lone
survivor of some battle between deities.  I was content with my life,
ruling my realm, hunting, fighting.  Then came the day that the
messenger-god, Bleys, came into my realm.  He spoke oddly, of things
unknown, and then, by some foul magics, took me away, to the home of the
gods.  There I met Corwin, chief amongst them, ruler of the gods.  He then
told me he was my father, and spoke more of things beyond my
understanding.  I walked the Pattern, a test of some sort, and found again
the messenger-god.  His arm was almost mine, when he again used his evil
sorcery, this time to knock me unconscious with but a word.  But, no
matter.  I will find him again.  I then spent some years learning of my
new powers, imbued within me, somehow, by the Trial of Pattern.  During
this time I found The Pack, which Bleys had left behind when he took me to
Corwin, and explored many realms.  Many things were left to understand, so
I determined to rejoin Corwin in Godhome, as he requested before the
Trial.  When I went there again, though, odd beings, with an outer skin of
metal attacked me.  When I fought back, another god, Claudio, assisted
these strange beings, using his own powers against me and The Pack,
causing us to fall into slumber.  When I awoke again, I spoke with
Claudio, and met Corwin's woman, and goddess of the sky, called Sky, she
of the blue hair.  Another goddess, Melanie, who seemed at odds with Sky
(who also seemed at odds with Claudio), appeared and asked questions.  I
think she, perhaps, is a lesser goddess, as she did not understand the
most basic of truths.  She left soon after.  We ate, good fare, which I
expected in Godhome, and I spoke more with Claudio, and some with Sky. 
They entrusted to me their children, one the child of Sky, the other the
child of Claudio, as they wished them to go to Corwin, which I determined
to do.  So I let them accompany me, though they ride hoofed beasts.

	It seems I have much to learn here, Spirits of the Tribes.  There
is much I do not understand, and much that The Wilde did not prepare me
for.  Great Spirits, tell my people of what I do, that they do not forget
me, and know that I still watch over them, though I am gone for a time.

	Spirits, I will visit The Wilde, but before I can truly return, I
must make my place among the gods, and ensure my safety, and thus that of
my people.

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