When I woke up this morning, I didn't think much would happen.  I
had to stick around with Alora while Kaedric took care of his problem.  I
figured I wouldn't have time to investigate the Wicklings.  I was curious
about Kaedric's spy ring, though.  I wonder how many of them are watching
Wickling?  I was waiting around with Alora for Kaedric to have time to see
us, when I was called in by myself.  Ah well, Kaedric has a tendency to
surprise me.  I walked in and he told me he was unsure of my loyalties and
then asked me to hand him a sword that was hanging from the wall.  If it
had been any other person I would have refused, but it was Kaedric, and
he's in no condition to fight, right now.  So I handed him the sword, and
he told me to kneel.  Now, this was a little difficult, as I have already
had one king slit my throat, but I went along with it.  Then he really
surprised me by giving me the rank of Prince of the Realm.  Me, a Prince
of Chaos.  I was quite honored by this and told him so, but I was a bit
concerned.  If Chaos and Amber ever grew hostile, I don't know which side
to choose.  My love or my brother, things never get easier, though.  I was
dismissed and got permission from Alora to head to Halybardways.  I needed
some info, and if she and Ridar were going over logistics, I knew I could
go looking.  Orrin is the only person who was actually in Chaos when
Wickling committed the atrocities.  I spoke to Orrin and he was of little
help.  Except that someone paid Wickling to stay out of the battle.  I
wonder who actually was running that army?  Orrin is certain that Finndo
is dead, as is Kaedric.  Orrin believes all his brothers to be dead, as
well.  I left Orrin thinking about all the possible leaders of that army. 
I got back and Melanie said she was ready for me to take her to Ivory. 
Kaedric had asked me to do this.  Apparently Logrus was unusable, so she
needed me to get to Ivory.  She was apparently searching out the source of
the problem with sorcery.  When we finally got to Ivory, she kept her
theories hidden, so I tried to look for a pattern myself.  I found myself
growing annoyed as I realized we would just have to let this problem run
its course.  Not what I want to do.  If all of the problems are like this,
I don't want to wait on the other side of the universe from my wife for
too much longer.  We went to Atlantis and could only make the same
conclusions there, as well.  We slipped back to Ivory and I grabbed my
ring back from the Shadow dweller who wanted it as a bribe.  I have been
writing this down while I wait for Melanie to decide what she wants to do

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