Well, I've done some real boneheaded things in my life.  Losing
Sky because of a Jezetti.  I thought that was dumb, really thought I
couldn't top that one.  But no, I went and made up with her and ended up
fighting Corwin.  I thought I was gonna die that time.  Didn't think I'd
be able to walk away from that one.  When I did, I'd resolved to think a
little more before acting.  Of course, Archimedes and I had our little
disagreement.  Not exactly the cleverest way to cement relationships with
the relatives, but I knew that.  I kept my wits about me somewhat during
the Thelbane attack.  I watched over Alora, kept Graham out of the
fighting, aided in routing the army.  I thought I could handle my brother
being the King of Chaos, since Swayvill is dead.  Especially since Alora
told me that Melanie was back.  I knew that Melanie wouldn't have been
able to escape if Kaedric couldn't, so I knew he was alive.  I just didn't
expect him to be pregnant.  I think that fried my synapses.  I don't know
what I was thinking, you can't just ask a deity to tea.  I knew that.  I
guess I wasn't expecting her to show up.  Of course, the universe just had
to play with my mind and she showed up.  That was the first time I've felt
helpless since Sky fled the universe.  I probably shouldn't have demanded
she not impregnate me.  Okay, honestly, I was begging.  So now I'm awake,
and it appears that I've been bitten by the Serpent.  How wonderful is
that?  My wife is on the other side of the universe and I just might be
pregnant.  I think I might be going mad.  I guess I got lucky, the Serpent
could have removed my Pattern.  That would have been bad.  Shit, I don't
know what she actually did, and Kaedric is not exactly up to par.  I guess
I'm the only one who's healthy enough to keep the children safe.  At least
Ian is safe in Amber.  Hopefully, he's more patient than Graham.  I really
don't want to deal with Melanie with him having walked the Pattern.  For
some reason, I know it will be my fault.  RELATIVES.

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