I sit down to write this, the first time with fear in my heart. 
My brother and Melanie are missing, Swayvill as well.  Alora is now regent
until they return, or the bodies are found.  Our forces are approximately
equal to Finndo's Troops.  We are attacking within the hour.  We might all
be dead in four.  If we are defeated, I have small hope of you ever
reading this, love.  But if luck holds true, mayhap I will get another
chance to be your husband.  Trump is down, for which I am thankful.  I
would never keep you from battle, but I am glad not to bring you into a
war that we may not win.  Raise our children well, such raising left to be
done.  If the battle begins to go badly, I will send Graham towards Amber,
if he will listen.  I know that he is concerned about Alora, as am I.  She
is only 22, to be forced to deal with this, it is terrible.  But Kaedric's
blood runs true, I can see it in her eyes.  I only hope she has learned
something of the sword.  I can tell that it may come down to that, before
this is over.  I think she has an idea that she will be leading the
charge.  I think me and the buffoon may even agree that she cannot risk
herself in such a manner.  I have met relatively few Hendrakes in my time,
yet they all seem to be in great need of losing their heads.  But today
they are not the enemy.  I wonder who has put these men up to attacking
Thelbane?  Dear heart, if you find this and I do not live, find out all
that you can about House Wickling, I think they have already begun the bid
for the throne.  The horns are sounding, I must go.  My love to you and
the boys.  May it not be so bad on your side of the universe.

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