That did not go as well as I would have liked.  The past six years
have not gone as well as I had hoped.  Archimedes still has not answered
me.  Of course, for him it has merely been days, so we can't hope his rage
has cooled enough for him to have become a rational man yet.  Graham has
been doing well, but I miss Sky, and my other sons.  Kaedric has not
checked in either.  Of course, he is a busy man, so I doubt anything has
gone wrong.  At any rate, we will speak on the morrow at the King's
Council meeting.  For a wonder, I don't dread the sight of Melanie then. 
Of course, I did eat with them last I saw them, and it went well.  Ugh. 
My mind wanders, I would guess from the sake.  Graham, why did you not
speak to me about the Pattern?  I would have understood.  Well, I was a
boy once, and more than a bit impulsive, I can understand his reasoning. 
At least his intentions were good.  He's right about Alora needing his
help.  Her brother cannot be expected to do everything for her. 
Especially if she takes the Logrus, or it takes her, I'm not quite sure
how that works.

	But he still could have told me.  It's not as if I'm very popular
right now with the Royal Family.  Of course, me and Random never really
got along, and whatever Archimedes might have felt for me in the past has
been replaced by his insane rage.  I believe he thinks I'm going to
apologize to him.

	"I'm sorry Archimedes, I didn't mean to place my nose in the way
of your hilt, nor did I intentionally place my head in the path of your
blade.  Oh, did my vocal chords offend Song??  I truly am sorry!  Please
forgive my offending body."  In the words of a very funny man from Shadow,
"Homey don't play that!"  I am more than willing to serve out a sentence
for disobeying a direct order, even apologizing for doing so.  But I will
not allow him to believe that he may hit me or my family when his pride
has been injured!  Better that Delwin or Finndo sat on the throne.  Well,
hopefully one day he can grow up and we can discuss this.  Until then, I
will wait.  He may be my love's grandfather and Crown Prince, but he is
still but a man, and apparently he needs to be reminded of that.

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