Damn him and his temper!  How dare he slice my throat!  Family or
not, if he does that again, I'll kill him.  His paranoia has finally
consumed him if he believes Mok and I are a danger to the Pattern or him. 
Idiot.  Haven't I risked my life and soul more than once for him and his? 
I killed my own father because he said it was necessary.  Did he forget
about the Jezetti?  Surely he has not forgotten of Orrin, or the na
siogai.  What a fool.  Did he forget of my oath?  He may not have
forgotten it, but he has not acted in the manner a liege lord should, so
now I believe my oath's time is up.  I will leave for Chaos until this is
solved.  Or rather, when I can.  Another favor from one who was once my
friend.  I truly liked the man, but I'm not about to let some green-haired
milksop get away with hitting me like that, the government be damned.  And
now his waste of human flesh of a father has summoned me.  Oh, that's
right, he thinks I owe him some sort of loyalty or obedience.  Let a man
perform your marriage service and he thinks he owns you.  ARGHH!  How did
I ever become enmeshed in this farce of a kingdom?  Maybe I should have
done myself a favor and listened to Abigail.  Damn.  He's not going to get
away with this.

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