I awakened slowly, wondering what the hell had happened, since my
feet and hands were bound, from what my senses told me, to another man.  I
tried to remember what had happened the last time I was awake.  Oh yeah,
Corwin Trumped me and challenged me to a duel.  I knew he could kill me,
but I couldn't back out of a challenge.  With a whispered prayer of
forgiveness to Sky, I accepted.  It was odd, he had more than a couple of
opportunities to kill me, but he was only wounding me.  Still my
shapeshifting had been turned off by my brother, so the loss of blood
would eventually kill me.  I cast a spell to knock out Corwin.  I don't
know why I didn't try to kill him.  Perhaps because he still is a favored
uncle.  I remember the spell went off as I slipped to the ground, too weak
to stand, and Corwin had fallen as well.  Great, now I was too weak to
Trump anyone.  I then awoke to this situation.  What had Corwin done?  I
opened my eyes to see Corwin's back.  I was tied to him.  My humiliation
rose as I realized the positioning had been done on purpose.  We
cooperated and freed ourselves.  The magic bonds were explained by the
presence of Fiona, but the humiliation was more than likely caused by
Archimedes.  We Trumped him, but he wouldn't come through.  As I was
closing the contact, my love came into the room with a sword.  She thought
she could kill Corwin.  The situation was deteriorating quickly, and I
told Archimedes that.  I was not going to lose her again to Corwin.  I
don't remember quite what I told her, but we teleported away from that
room.  We had a plan.  Archimedes was to receive a little bit of a lesson
in how not to treat the relatives.  Of course, Ulysses showed up, man that
is annoying.  We finally agreed to not beat him up there, but to do so
later.  As I left, I couldn't help but grin inwardly.  Archimedes had
removed Corwin's anger for me, but I doubt he would be so free from
Corwin's own retribution.  I kept up the illusion of wanting revenge,
knowing that sooner or later I would get it, when Laughter got kidnapped,
and Archimedes needed my help.  The man truly hates needing others.

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