No.  I do not understand what the drug did to me, but I am unsure
as to how to proceed.  I have no wish to take Random's crown, nor do I
wish to have Kaedric's wife as my own.  I must prevent this future, if a
future it was.  This peyote of Sky's home seems to induce nightmares.  I
have no desire to ever touch it again.  Why this seems necessary to her
people is beyond me.  And why Melanie??  Of all the people for the drug to
center on, why her??  I had not seen or heard from her recently, so why
was she in the hallucination?  I wonder if it was my subconscious
realizing that I have need to apologize to her.  Of course, she is a fool
for wanting an apology for introducing Alora to Random.  Then again, I can
understand how important customs are for her.  I believe she uses custom
and taboo to keep herself laced together, always very prim and proper.  I
can understand that, but I long ago realized the silliness of living as I
did in Ixaxis.  Perhaps she will as well, one day.

	A Trump call??  Who would be seeking me now??  Co-

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