What an interesting couple of days.  My wife-to-be gets kidnapped,
and when the villain is apprehended, we can't even kill him, because he's
got a part of my liege's soul.  Of course, that isn't really what bothers
me, it's my liege himself.  He seems to not wish to tell me anything at
all.  This would normally be okay with me, because I have no real desire
to risk my neck anymore.  However, Finndo is around, and that means
trouble.  According to what I have been told about this man, we are all in
danger.  Archimedes and Kaedric can play politics all they want, but I
think we need to take care of the real problem, as in a man that Benedict
may not be able to defeat.  Of course, the idiots think I'm a moron, and
therefore don't tell me anything.  Meanwhile, my family is in danger and I
have no way of knowing when we may have to confront Finndo.  I'm to be
married in less than a month, if we all live that long.  I should not have
to be worrying about this.  Oh, and on top of all this, Sand has doubled. 
Two Sands are more than I think we can safely deal with.  I'm sure Kaedric
knows, but I'll drop this knowledge off to him.  Apparently they are
playing their own game.  Nobody seems to realize we need to protect
ourselves.  Apparently Random doesn't want to deal with this, which is a
sure sign that he should not be king.  What was the Unicorn thinking?? 
Random is pathetic.  Archimedes was learning to be a good king, at least
the way he handled the Jezetti showed him capable of being a good king,
but he was far from being a capable king.  How long until Amber is ruled
properly??  I'm not sure where Oberon is now, but I can imagine that he is
displeased.  Then again, how good of a king could he be, since he didn't
eliminate Finndo when he had the chance?  Exile never works as well as
execution, when will these idiots realize this??  Kill them and they
shouldn't be a problem anytime in the future.  And on top of this, my body
is still not in top shape, whatever happened on the Pattern really took a
lot out of me.  I must get some sleep, ranting will not help me in this

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