As my foot begins to feel the resistance of the Pattern, I realize
what an idiot I'm being.  But the vision of Sky leads me on.  As I near
the First Veil, my thoughts flash back to Killian falling unconscious
several times by my sorceries.  Sorceries that could have killed him, and
spared Sky this journey.  The Pattern flares around me, and I am through
the First Veil.  This journey does not get any easier.  I am not going to
be in the condition I need to be to win a sword fight with Killian.  My
vision blurs, and I see a vase flying towards me.  I duck, and it shatters
behind me, shards embedding themselves in my skin.  Sky looks at me in
anger.  A sword flashes in the light, as she throws it away.  A door that
has just been knocked on, the woman of my life on the other side.  She is
standing at my bed.  I ask her to marry me.  She agrees.  The Second Veil
approaches.  I am being flung around like a sack.  Killian again.  Great,
the Pattern switches form Sky to Killian, my fate seems tied to the
offspring of Corwin.  Of course, what kind of idiot child of Corwin
kidnaps Sky and walks the Pattern?  He is going to be quite sore, soon. 
My vision and thoughts blur again, the Jezetti is standing in front of me,
a bath is behind her.  I feel the anguish of my infidelity all over.  I am
standing in my home, holding Graham.  The joy of my heir outweighs the
pain of Sky's loss.  The Grand Curve approaches.  Whew, I'm going to need
a breather.  Out of the corner of my eye I see Archimedes following me. 
Great the King comes to save the bodyguard.  I hope Dworkin sees the humor
in this.  I see Isaac grown, dressed in Corwin's colors.  May Corwin not
make my son hate me.  My feet begin to cross the Final Veil.  Standing at
the center of the Pattern, I take a deep breath, ready my sword, and tell
the Pattern to take me to Killian.  This time he dies.

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