I pray I never have to walk the Logrus.  The past few months have
been strange.  I left Sky in Amber, when Kaedric Trumped me.  You know, I
never thought I'd see him panicked.  Then again, I've never seen Melanie
so disheveled.  I don't understand what is going on with the rings, damn
Dworkin for not responding to me.  After all the trouble he went through
to make the damn rings, you'd think he'd be concerned upon hearing that
one of the rings had shattered.

	Swayvill is an interesting man.  I wonder how he was killed in the
future?  It seems pretty difficult to surprise him, since he was
relatively calm about the existence of a place that is a blank spot to all
the major powers of the universe.  And the fact that Finndo has begun to
move on Amber.

	Orrin and Caitlin are not answering their Trumps, no surprise,
they did try to kill the Crown Princess.  Perhaps I should visit House
Halybard.  Caitlin was very aware of my animosity towards Melanie, perhaps
she will talk to me, tell me why she did as she did.  Hell, it can't be
any worse than watching Melanie squirm in that jacket for the 120th day. 
I wonder how long one is Logrus mad, usually?

	Alora is a good child, and her and Graham seem to get along well. 
It warms my heart to see Graham smiling and playing with someone who is
his own age.  I wonder if I am doing the right thing with Graham?  When I
was his age, I had already seen four battles, and been wounded once.  Am I
sheltering him too much?  I cannot say.  Only time will tell.

	Sky, I miss you, I hope the universe is still around for us to be
married in.  Three months without seeing you.  One would think that I
could handle this easily after not seeing you for ten years, but that is
not the case.  That was ten years of sorrow, while this is three months of
waiting for our marriage.  Hmmm... seems she's awake again...

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