Interesting.  I finally have my life on track, and something is
going wrong in Amber.  Let me tell this from the beginning.  Here I was,
in Corwin's universe, praying that Sky would come back to me.  She
apparently decided that she had forgiven me for the Jezetti.  She told me
this while I was decidedly concentrating on something besides her lack of
proper clothing.  The ceiling tile was so interesting.  She repeated those
ill-fated words of so long ago, "So you want me to jump you?"  I struggled
with the beast inside of me, hoping to restrain myself long enough to
treat her honorably.  I asked her to marry me, and she asked if she would
have to give up her sword.  I told her no.  Why on earth would I ever want
her to give up anything that makes her happy?  My heart stopped when she
said yes.  I didn't believe my own ears, but as I made a token to show her
my love, she accepted it.  Kissing me upon the forehead she left the room. 
I watched her go in a state of shock.  I dreamt of her through the night. 
I woke early, and went out to the jousting area.  It had been nearly ten
years since I had done anything related to a weapon.  Corwin was not going
to let us walk out of here with his blessing.  I spent time practicing but
nothing would have prepared me for what happened.  Corwin and I argued. 
He tried to claim that he owned Sky.  No one owns Sky.  He doesn't seem to
understand that.  He left with Isaac and Gareth.  Yet again, me and my son
are kept from each other.  Killian was to take me out of the universe by
way of carrying me over the Pattern.  I was sure that this would be one of
those things I don't want to do, when everything went black. The next
thing I knew, Melanie was speaking to me in my head.  I wondered where I
was, when everything went black again.  Again, Melanie awakened me.  I
quickly put the person holding onto my feet to sleep.  When I looked
around, I saw that Kaedric was here, and Killian had been using me as some
sort of weapon.  Melanie told me that Sky was in Amber.  I went to get
Graham, and we went to Amber.  I went and found Archimedes, who was very
evasive on where Random was.  I should have known then, but my own
happiness dulled my senses.  We went to see Sky.  Archimedes threatened to
kill me if I ever teleported him without warning, again.  I sometimes
forget Archimedes' fear of not being in control.  Sky seemed upset, so I
went outside.  Archimedes came out telling me of certain rituals that I
would have to perform.  Again, he was vague.  He really is annoying when
he does that.  I went to Laughter and asked her for more information.  She
told me what she knew of the rituals.  I understand all of them except for
the peyote.  It seems really stupid to do something that makes you lose
control of your senses.  Graham talked to Sky and found out the specifics
of my wedding, which I relayed to my staff in Chaos.  Invitations would
not be my problem.  I showed Graham around the castle and found out that
Fiona was not around.  I Trumped Laughter to ask her where Fiona was.  She
told me that Fiona was missing.  Damn that Archimedes.  You would think
that someone who hated being king as much as he did, would try to get as
much help as possible to find Random and Fiona as quickly as possible. 
For that matter, where is Ulysses?  I haven't seen him at all, which is
pretty abnormal for crisis situations.  I wonder where he is?  After all,
if this crisis has to interfere with my happiness, it should interfere
with his breakfast.  Well, I guess I should go find Archimedes, the
meeting should be over by now.

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