What am I, an idiot?  To think that those cards had any knowledge
of the future.  Only Graham can determine what his future is.  I prefer
Chaos, so I will raise him here and in Shadow, and the cards be damned. 
He is a growing so quickly.  As are my responsibilities.  What was Kaedric
thinking, why does he think that I am capable of being a good council
member?  My education is so lacking, I have no idea how one gets from a
gun to those mecha things of Mok's.  I must go out into Shadow and learn,
but every day something new happens to delay my departure.  Hopefully, I
will be able to reach Ulysses soon, so that I can get in touch with Isaac. 
Once that is done, I can go out in Shadow with Orrin and Graham.  I need
to learn things that others take for granted.  For instance, how does one
make things?  And how does one get, what was the word Kaedric used, a
printed book?  For that matter what about the medicine that Gerard gave
me?  How did that get discovered??  And what is a thermonuclear device?? 
Or how did Archimedes make a talking piece of metal?  So many things to
discover.  I know the others look at me as though I am an idiot, but that
is not the case.  I will learn these things, so at least I will not feel
inferior to them.  I may never be able to draw a single Trump, but I will
be able to understand what they are talking about.

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