I started my residence in Chaos this morning, hoping for as much
peace and quiet that a five-year-old allowed.  I was in the middle of
teaching Graham how to throw pancakes, when my butler (it will take
getting used to, this having staff) announced that I had a visitor.  A
lady of Chaos.  She was entertaining, to say the least.  She had a
trickier way of speaking than even Orrin.  I played dumb to her repeated
attempts to peer into whether or not I had Kaedric's ear.  She invited me
on a hunt in two days.  This should be entertaining, although I have never
attempted anything such as they described.  I resolved to look into having
a stable set up in my ways.  I sent the dear lady on her way, promising to
be at her ways in two days.  Then I Trumped Kaedric, to inform him of the
first attempt to wrangle favors from him through me.  He laughed, and told
me to prepare for more.  Great, just what I needed.  Well, perhaps he and
I can work something out to make this beneficial to all of us.  We set up
a time for another tutoring session in Trump.  I feared that I would not
have enough time for me to gain the skills I view necessary to protect
Archimedes, a vow that I have not forgotten.  I was right, since shortly
after finishing speaking to Kaedric, Archimedes Trumped me, to ask for my
aid in rescuing his wife.  I could not hold back my exasperation, I asked
him, "Again?"  He gave me his trademark look of "Shut up and help me."  So
I went through, and everything was going fine, until Caitt told us that we
could not bring cold iron on this raid.  I hate going into hostile
territory unarmored, but I could see no way around it.  We went in with
Aelle and Benedict, much to Caitlin's obvious discomfort.  I was chosen to
be the designated fake leader, due to my height and, apparently,
coloration.  I advanced through the territory with some trepidation, after
all, it is not often that I am chosen to do something for my sorcerous
skills.  We reached the walls, and suddenly my magics were stripped from
me, damn Archimedes.  Once inside, I left the main party and went after
Beauty.  I quickly found her, and upon opening a Trump contract to
Ulysses, passed her through.  You know, it is the first time I've ever
seen him surprised.  Hmmm...  I must end this here... since Graham has
awakened from his nap...

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