The past two years have been relaxing... watching Graham grow and
learn has been rewarding in a way I never thought would happen.  I feel a
peace growing within me that I never thought would happen.  He doesn't
like carrots... can't say that I blame him.  I can see why Kaedric was so
insistent that I be with him... I would have missed so much of his life...
his first words... the learning of the rules of sorcery... learning to
ride horses.  He is a good child, I hope only that I have the luxury of
raising him to be a good man.  I cannot go around sticking my head into
trouble anymore, I have a family to look after.  I don't think I will take
him to Amber quite yet, I don't wish him to be a target for anyone's cause
against Amber.  I think we will traverse Shadow, there is much that I need
to learn, that he will need to learn as well.  I am thirty-three years
old, seven of which have not happened yet.  And I am immortal.  Oh, I must
remember to ask Kaedric when shapeshifting begins to present itself in
Chaosite children.  I would rather not be surprised... thankfully, my son
is watching the lessons that Kaedric gives me.  I would presume that
Graham will have an easier time of this than I.  Two years, and I still am
unable to discover how one changes to another form.  I must learn more, as
well as discovering the making of Trump.  How many days has this been in
Amber time?  Not many I'd imagine.  I will need to find out, soon I must
get in contact with Isaac.  I guess I will have to get in touch with
Ulysses, as I doubt Melanie is willing to do me any favors right now.  I
don't wish Isaac to grow up without me... he will be a man soon, with only
Corwin and Bleys to show him the ways of honor... not the most sterling of
examples, nor is his mother.  Graham is upset... he looks wet.  I wonder
what he did to the nanny now?  Sometimes fatherhood is as trying as I had

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