Isaac...  I've missed the first six years of your life.  I must be
continuing on the path of my father... six years... gone... well, I hope
you will be able to forgive me.  I have no wish to die from my son's
sword.  She didn't even tell me.  Graham... symbol of my shame.  Every
time I look at you, will I see my shame... or will I be able to look past
and see a son?  Should I make the effort, or let Kaedric raise you as his
own?  Corwin seems to be doing a good job with my son.  Corwin... did you
die, or are you just pretending amnesia?  My favorite relative... now
married to her.  What to do about my sons?  I have a family now.  I cannot
continue sticking my head in the noose... perhaps I should raise my
children myself.  Graham may be the symbol of my shame, but I cannot
punish him for my mistake.  Isaac, my son... I hope that you follow a
different path than I.  I think I understand Kaedric's obsession with
doing right with Graham.  I must attempt to break the circle my father has
started.  I want my sons to be able to remember their father... and to not
grow up without any relatives around.

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