I was so terrible that she fled the universe.  I am more reviled
than any man could be.  I will continue my plan of traveling through
Shadows with Orrin.  If we survive our combat.  Who is this Cymnea, and
why does Caitlin need my help?  I've seen her fight, she is a worthy
warrior, I can see little reason for her needing my help.  I tire from
fighting... my fighting skills have kept me alive, but my ignorance in
most other areas of knowledge has cost me Sky.  I think I will retire from
this fighting for a while... and learn.  Perhaps, in time, I will
understand what to do about my brother and my liege being heirs to rival
crowns.  They are friends now, but what happens if Chaos and Amber go to
war?  I cannot side with Amber against my brother, but I can no more
support my brother against Archimedes.  I'm glad everyone else likes this
time traveling business.  I hate it.  I would rather have never been, than
to feel this pain.  No matter what I do, I can do nothing right.  My love
and my honor are lost, and I have no way of regaining either.  Truly even
that Christ person the Christians talk about has felt not as much pain as

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