What have I gotten myself into?  I know where Orrin is, but I
can't hurt him, thanks to my oath to Archimedes.  Dworkin is wrong, I will
not befriend the man that killed Mok, Laughter, and helped destroy the
universe.  Although, he didn't hurt Sky...  what a narrow path I walk with
her.  I do not know what to do... perhaps I should talk to someone... no,
somehow it would get out, and that would shame her.  I don't know if I
should try to woo her, or if I am to ignore what happened last night.  She
wishes us to wait and see, but how am I to act in the meantime?  Kaedric
is here... perhaps I should speak to him... he may know what to do. 
Flying on dragons is fun.  I think I might actually be able to get into
this competition, if I don't fall into the Abyss...  Hopefully, I won't
get knocked off the dragon.  I wonder who I face next?  I would like to
win the competition.  I doubt I will... ever since coming to Amber, I have
found that my skills with the blade do not stand up to most of my
relatives.  Why would something I learned overnight be able to best
Chaosites?  I wonder how Sky will do tonight?  I hope she does well... she
handles that oversized bow better than any I have ever seen... much
better.  I hope she sleeps well.

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