Random doesn't like me.  Sky is angry with me.  Laughter wants me
to be an assassin.  Fiona apparently wants me to be her whipping boy. 
What more could go wrong?  Fiona, I think I've dissuaded, although she is
going to teach me the art of magic in Amber, which will aid me in my quest
to protect Amber.  Random will have to learn to like me, I'll speak to
Archimedes about how to impress his father.  I will have to make peace
with Sky somehow, perhaps through the meal I learned to prepare last
night.  Laughter I can do nothing about, I will let her think that those I
kill, I kill because she asks.  I will kill only those who can be enemies
of Amber.  I will protect Amber, my list now is: Abigail, Maron, Brand,
Delwin, Orrin, and whoever else messes with Amber.  They will not get a
second chance to harm Amber.  Abigail dies first, as she can be defeated
as soon as I get that item Sand is making for me.  Until then, I must
spend my time learning from Julian and Fiona.  Hopefully, I can find a way
to woo Sky.  I need an ally, and she is a perfect one.  I cannot fight
this war alone.  I need an advisor, Dworkin will serve well as one, if he
will agree to be found.  I wonder if the Pattern is guarded in this time
as well?  I'll have to find out, if not, then I will use it tomorrow
night.  This morning I'm going to have to find my way into Sky's good
graces.  This will be most difficult, since I did treat her in such a
Ulysses-like manner.  I couldn't help it though, her nostrils flare in
such a beatific manner when she is angered.

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