I really did it this time.  I mean, Sylvie was doing something
bad, right??  So what do I do??  I kill her, then everything gets real
bad, because Orrin kills Laughter.  That's twice I've failed the King. 
How many times must I do this?  I must learn, killing is not the only way
to deal with our enemies.  So then everything goes white, and I meet
Dworkin.  He seemed properly ashamed of having intercourse with the
Unicorn.  But my father was there as well.  Why did I see him?  I have no
desire to meet him, especially since it appears that I have walked this
road before, and was like him.  "You were a good boy this time..."  Crazy
little man, what was that supposed to mean??  I need to learn more.  How
was that bastard able to send those things at me?  And what do we do about
Orrin, Father and Brand??  I think we should take them now.  Everyone says
to wait.  But look what waiting did for us last time, the end of the road.

	Sky....  What do I do now??  I am no longer the King's bodyguard,
now I am hers.  Yet she can handle herself as well as I, so why does she
need a guard??  I will not complain, she is beautiful, how could I not
enjoy my time spent with her??  I will wait and watch for the right time. 
It would not be proper for me to begin to court her, so soon after
Corwin's appearance.  He is, after all, my friend.  Besides I must wait
and see what she thinks of me...

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