So, Caitlin, you got your wish, you began the deaths of those who
failed Sandr.  And Archimedes, you have allowed yet another family member
to die.  You fool.  I see now why we are always under attack, we have not
enough resources to be feared.  You must stop putting petty disagreements
above the good of the country.  "Think until afternoon."  What is there to
think about?  My plan, although risky, is sound.  If you are so ignorant
to not understand that personal sacrifices must be made for the country,
then you will no doubt be the unconquered king of a destroyed land. 
Benedict understood the costs, as did Mok, and so do I.  My life is a
sacrifice most valuable, this villain is no great fighter, nor is he a
grand sorcerer, if he was would we have not known of his existence??  And
if he is, all it takes is for one clean blow to the head.  Undead armies
are unfortunate, I guess I will cleave them to little pieces when the time

	So, let this be the last words of the warrior-prince Claudio
Diossalfian (rough translation: The Moor):

	If my armor and sword survives, I gift it to Daegan, as well as my
horse, Muad'Dib.  Daegan, follow in your father's footsteps, learn from
Sand, it is too late for me.

	To Sky, I leave my ring, as a token of my regard for her company. 
May you live long and well.  I hope you and Corwin find happiness.

	To Corwin, well, all my possessions are gone, but take my thanks,
you were the one man who understood.

	To Melanie, guard Daegan, he is the last of Kaedric's family, and
needs all the family he can get.

	To Sand, my thanks, you were the best aunt a man could have, my
thanks for restraining my bloodlust.  It was a dishonorable thing.

	To Ulysses, you taught me much in those first days.  In the past
year we have continued to learn and serve.  I wish you well.

	To Caitlin, we came to Amber at relatively the same time, you
found your father, the hero, I found out about my father, the villain.  If
our roles were reversed, would I have behaved any better?  I don't think

	To Archimedes, our differences in opinion were many, but I am
proud to have served you.  I hope that upon my death, you will have no
further need of a bodyguard.

	Upon the recovery of my body, I wish to be buried at sea in Ixaxis.

	This is the last will and testament of Claudio, born of Amber.

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