Delwin is out there.  I know it.  Can I get to him?  Should I?  I
doubt that I can kill him.  I will wait until Sand gives her approval.  So
Sandr died, I knew that would happen, there is no way that he could
survive considering the rhyme.  Yet, how could I survive??  I have no wish
to be king, yet I survived the Fire Pattern.  I need to find out why that
happened.  What is the truth?

	Yes, that is a good question, what is the truth of Amber.  The
King is at times honorable and good, yet in the case of Sandr he acted as
a tyrant.  And in mine.  Refusing to allow me to go after Delwin.  Keeping
me in Amber.  He did this for what, because he was afraid Delwin was in
me, yet I knew that he was not.  I think Delwin needs me alive, for his
dishonorable plans.  It is time that I begin to do my duty to Amber, not
its king.  I will take the path of Benedict.  Duty to the land is the most
important thing.  Archimedes has no need of my skills, he is already a far
better warrior than I.  I will tend to the enemies that I can deal with. 
Why did Kaedric go after Caitlin??  It is clear that she left Amber for
her own purposes.  Not that I blame her.

	And what of Sky??  I do not have the standing to ask for her hand. 
I have no riches to offer her father and mother, no deeds that could be
considered worthy.  Perhaps it is best if I wait.  Yes I should wait. 
Where is Mok??  Unless I am mistaken, it is our day to drink beer
together.  I wonder where he is?

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