How fortune and Allah's favor turns quickly.  I was content
traveling with Corwin and Sky.  Wishing for a wife, but no other great
concerns.  Then, Sand gave me back the AK-47's.  I understand her reasons,
but I had hoped to finish off the Christians.  But I was still happy --
after all, I was in the fellowship of friends.  Then Fiona asks, no
commands, that we help her in Inter-Shadow.  I was honor-bound to help
her, so I went in.  Unfortunately, my father had been hiding in some
woman, which Kaedric had with him.  Delwin was gone.  So we went to Amber,
and then me and Corwin watched as those who could have been invaded by
Delwin were scanned by Sand.  Delwin was hiding in Anton, Sandr's
husband/wife -- I still don't approve, but they are musicians, and strange
ways are theirs.  Delwin went into Sand, who Trumped out.  I Trumped to
Ixaxis, but no Sand.  The deviousness of my father is great.  I started to
Hellride to Delwin, and was soon joined by Corwin.  Archimedes, Kaedric,
and Ulysses joined us.  We found Sand, but she was unconscious.  I
continued on after Delwin, as he had left this Shadow.  The next thing I
knew, Archimedes and Kaedric were looking over me.  They said that Delwin
had knocked me unconscious, and may be inside me.  I didn't believe that
Delwin would possess his own son, so I continued.  Someone Trumped me to
Amber, and wouldn't let me leave.  I am trapped.  Under house arrest by my
own friends and family.  Why??  I do not feel Delwin within me, so why do
they trap me here?  If Delwin is in me, why allow me to roam the halls. 
Ah ha.  I know what I must do.  Now to find Fiona.  I guess I will have to
be nice to a page.  I can't trust Trump.  Delwin may try to possess her. 
I will need Mok as well.  Damn, two pages to entice.  Well, I will try
Sky's way, but I am no beauty like her.  I hope she does not do anything
with Corwin while Delwin is loose.  Soon, I will have to begin to court
her, but not until I am sure my soul is the only one in this body.

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