What a weird two days.  Abigail was executed three days ago, when
I returned I found a note from her, saying that the "others" would know,
or some such rubbish.  So I asked Sky to go along with me through the
Shadows to kill all of Melanie's Shadows.  She agreed to it, a most
fortuitous agreement, then later Sky asked me if Corwin could come along. 
I was most surprised that Corwin would want to go with us, but I quickly
acquiesced.  I remained alone for the night.  There are times that I wish
I had a wife, like Archimedes.  Perhaps the loneliness would not be there.

	Morning came, and I went to breakfast.  The first thing I noticed
is that Kaedric, my own brother, had wenched Melanie.  I must talk to him
about choice of wenches.  Sitting next to Corwin, I attempted to learn how
his legs had regrown so quickly.  He misconstrued what I was asking, and
related to me some of the vilest of truths.  Aleksandr is GAY!  What an
abomination, yet it continues, somewhere in the past, one of the royal
family's ancestors bred with the Unicorn!  I felt the bile within me
rising, as Corwin told me that Nadine was the child of two men!  Allah
Protect me!

	Pleading urgent matters, I left breakfast and journeyed to Ixaxis,
and killed many Christians, until the bile had safely retreated to my
stomach.  Then I Trumped to the main hall.

	Gathering Sky and Corwin, we went to the stables and got them
horses, while I mounted Mua'dib.  We headed towards a Christian Shadow of
Melanie.  When we arrived, we took her and had her drawn and quartered. 
When we went to the next Shadow, Corwin chopped her head off.  I felt this
was wrong, but, in the interests of expediency, we did so with the next
Shadows.  We continued on until Sand stopped us.  She told us any Shadows
of Melanie that were a threat would be in Inter-Shadow, not in the
Shadows.  So we went to Sky's home for dinner.  There, they introduced me
to AK-47's.  Guns.  These things are great.  I went and killed many
Christians with them.  I took the plans and a sample to Mazadan, and
convinced him to make them to kill the Christians.  I fear Sand will be
upset with me.  The next day, we went to see Merlin's little machine.  It
argued with us, and then finally made Merlin disappear.

	It was at this point that I figured out that Corwin wants to bed
Sky.  This does not please me.  Sky is too good for bedding, she should be
wed in all of Amber's glory.  I must watch over her, and make sure that
Corwin does not progress.

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